Volume 4 Issue 6, June 2017

Volume 4 Issue 6

At hospitals across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, dental professionals are training ward staff on the importance of oral health. BDJ Team Editor Kate Quinlan went along to East Surrey Hospital to learn more about the Mouth Care Matters programme.

Our CPD article this month looks at the erosive potential of sour novelty sweets. Visit our CPD Hub: http://bit.ly/2e3G0sv.

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    Emma Phelan, 38, takes us through a typical busy week as a Community Dental Nurse (Sedation) for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Emma is also a Dental Nurse Examiner for the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN).

    • Emma Phelan
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    Dental hygienist Susan Bissett is a PhD student at Newcastle University and Team Lead for the Dental Clinical Research Facility. In 2014 Susan was the first ever dental hygienist to be awarded a four-year Doctoral Research Fellowship by the National Institute of Health Research (UK). Susan is Mum to two teenagers. Interview by Kate Quinlan


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    A. Aljawad,1 M. Z. Morgan,2 R. Fairchild3 and J. S. Rees4 describe the link between acidic drinks and dental erosion, and discuss the potential risk of developing dental erosion as a result of frequently consuming novelty sweets.

    • A. Aljawad
    • , M. Z. Morgan
    • , R. Fairchild
    •  & J. S. Rees

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