Volume 3 Issue 9, October 2016

Volume 3 Issue 9

'By a better use of skill mix, the introduction of orthodontic therapists has ultimately created the possibility of improved patient care within existing resources, which is the drive for every dental professional.' We explore the recently introduced role of orthodontic therapist in this October issue of BDJ Team, and why it is proving so successful.

In our core CPD article on infection control, practice management consultant Edward Sinclair looks at decontamination rooms, equipment, CPD, the law, staff immunisations and screening, dental water lines, safer sharps and much more.

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Ed's letter

Book reviews

  • Books & Arts |

    This book is written by Andrea Fuhrmann and published by Thieme. It costs £36 (ISBN 9783132004214).

    • Avan Mohammed


  • Feature |

    An update on the latest decontamination guidance for dental practices, by Edward Sinclair.

    • Edward Sinclair
  • Feature |

    Sara Mohammed Saed, Simon J. Littlewood and Trevor Hodge describe the background to the introduction of orthodontic therapists and explain why this is a great development for orthodontics.

    • Sara Mohammed Saed
    • , Simon J. Littlewood
    •  & Trevor Hodge
  • Article |

    A considerable number of children with an oral healthcare need under 16 years of age are not brought to their Barts Health Special Care Community Dental Service (BHSCCDS) appointments. The BHSCCDS needed to understand more about why parents/carers (parents) were failing to bring their children, in order to identify appropriate strategies to reduce the non-attendance. Thus, an audit was conducted to assess the number, frequency and reasons for all missed appointments (MA); this included feedback conversations with dental staff and parents. Information obtained from this cohort of high-risk children's families through personal, respectful and supportive contact improved understanding of the parents' individual and collective issues and led to recommendations that could reduce the number of MA in the future.

    • D. Simons
    • , N. Pearson
    •  & A. Dittu

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