Volume 3 Issue 8, September 2016

Volume 3 Issue 8

Jo Kennedy mused over the prospect of starting her own business for 14 years. Then when the new rules over direct access to patients were announced in 2013, Jo seized the opportunity with both hands and - after a lot of hard work - The Sparkle Fairy was born. Read all about Jo’s journey, with her husband and young daughter along for the ride, this September in BDJ Team.

We are also pleased to announce this autumn that all GDC-registered dental care professionals are now invited to take part in BDJ Team CPD on the BDA CPD hub. Through registering on the user-friendly site you can also complete CPD on child protection and oral cancer. www.nature.com/bdjteam/cpd 

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Book reviews

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    This book is written by Sacha Scambler, Suzanne E. Scott and Koula Asmakopoulou and published by Polity. It costs £21.99 (ISBN 9780745654348).

    • Sarah (Bobby) Keeling
  • Books & Arts |

    This book is written by Helen Sadler and is available from https://www.monkeywellbeing.com/shop/monkeys-guide-to-healthy-teeth/ at a cost of £3.95 or as part of a multi-buy saver purchase.

    • Christine Lyttle
  • Books & Arts |

    This book is edited by Susan Bewley and Jan Welch and published by Wiley Blackwell. It costs £21.99 (ISBN 9781118482186).

    • C. Molyneaux


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    This article presents the evidence supporting the use of a three-step home care regimen to maintain good oral health. Brought to you by Johnson & Johnson, the makers of LISTERINE.