Volume 3 Issue 7, July 2016

Volume 3 Issue 7

The state of children’s teeth in this country continues to be in the headlines, despite all of your best efforts as dental professionals and - I’m sure for many of you - as parents. But do all dental practices welcome children of all ages through their doors? 

In this July issue of BDJ Team, Michael R. Young, a former GDP with a special interest in children's dentistry, answers some of the questions parents and guardians might ask you about their child's dental care.

We also feature a core CPD article on resuscitation in the dental practice - essential reading. 

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  • Feature |

    What advice should you give patients with young children to ensure that they establish and maintain good oral health? BDJ Team is pleased to publish an article from Claire Stevens' ToothFairyBlog.

    • Claire Stevens
  • Feature |

    Michael R. Young presents an overview of caring for children in a general practice setting, discussing when children should first attend and how best to advise and communicate with parents.

    • Michael R. Young
  • Article |

    Phil Jevon looks at the new resuscitation guidelines published in October 2015 and discusses how dental practices should implement them.

    • Phil Jevon
  • Feature |

    Dental hygienist Michelle Coles won an award for designing the patient tool ‘Hooked on Oral Hygiene’ (pictured). BDJ Team interviewed Michelle to find out about her background in dentistry and what inspired her invention.

    • Michelle Coles

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