Volume 3 Issue 4, April 2016

Volume 3 Issue 4

Every dental professional knows that there seem to be strong links between looking after your oral health and your health in general. Research has probed many of these links, and in this issue of BDJ Team we present a study that reviewed the available evidence of the potential association between periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease. Are patients with gum disease at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s? 

We often hear about our 'ageing population'. Continuing the recent focus on elderly patients, in this issue we are pleased to include an original article from Paul Hellyer looking at spotting signs of elder abuse among older patients who may attend the practice accompanied by a family member or carer.


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    The population of the United Kingdom is ageing. More people are living for longer. Many of those older people want to retain their natural teeth and will continue to be regular attenders at the dentist. However, Age UK estimates that one in 20 older people are abused by a family member or carer. As health care professionals, the dental team have a responsibility to identify the signs of elder abuse and report them as appropriate. This article explains some of the causes and signs of abuse and the dental team's responsibilities to act.

    • Paul Hellyer
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    In the second of three extracts from the second edition of his book, Michael R. Young addresses leadership and recruiting new team members.

    • Michael R. Young

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