Volume 10

  • No. 5 19 May 2023

    Happy National Smile Month

    As we enjoy sunshine in May we meet entrepreneurial dental nurse turned practice owner Polly Bhambra; look at why some dental nurses are dissatisfied; focus on skill mix; explore inhalation sedation and the dental team, neurodiversity and oral health, and laser application in periodontal disease ... and much more besides.

  • No. 4 21 April 2023

    In this issue

    This month we have a hat-trick of exciting research conducted by DCPs and meet Annette Matthews who combines dentistry with aesthetics, runs her own skin clinic and also sells attire for lucky canines.

  • No. 3 17 March 2023

    In this issue

    March sees the launch of our new series on neurodiversity-informed dentistry; research from third year DCP students in Scotland; and an interview with a dental nurse and tutor who also loves vintage cars.

  • No. 2 17 February 2023

    Happy February

    Side-step the doom and gloom surrounding dentistry in the national press and read some positive stories in BDJ Team: becoming a dental practice manager; a happy career in oral health promotion; gaining an MBE as a dental nurse; being resilient and in charge of your wellbeing. Enjoy!

  • No. 1 20 January 2023

    Happy New Year

    We begin BDJ Team's 9th year with a focus on child oral health and access to dentistry for our youngest patients; a look at the importance of oral care in hospitals; DCP involvement in research; and provide an hour of CPD on detecting head and neck cancers.