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Digital editions of BDJ Team

There are ten brand new digital editions of BDJ Team each year (we take a break in August and December). A digital edition is a magazine that you can flick through 'virtually' on screen, either on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

Issue CPD article Digital Edition
April 2019 Should, must and risk - the three words at the heart of the decision whether a hygienist/therapist is assisted by a dental nurse
March 2019 The emergency administration of oxygen
February 2019 How to save a life with CPR and an AED
January 2019 Taking back control of what you eat!
November 2018 A guide to the recovery position
October 2018 Feeding in the first year of life
September 2018 Do you have a drink problem?
July 2018 A guide to oral piercings
June 2018 Avoiding the pitfalls of dento-legal issues
May 2018 Blood borne viruses - key facts for primary care dental teams
April 2018 Gaining confidence in local anaesthesia
March 2018 Medical emergencies: seizures
February 2018

Facilitating timely diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome

January 2018 Medical emergencies: asthma
November 2017 Trauma-informed, sensitive practice
October 2017 Sugar and sugar alternatives
September 2017 Stress and well-being in DCP students
July 2017 Dental caries
June 2017 Tooth erosion
May 2017 Safeguarding
April 2017 Crowns
March 2017 Medical emergencies
February 2017 Dental radiography
January 2017 Child dental anxiety
November 2016 Denture cleanliness
October 2016 Infection control
September 2016 Cannabis: a join problem for patients and the dental team 
July 2016 Resuscitation in the dental practice
June 2016 How accurately do members of the dental team detect malignant lesions?
May 2016 What's in a bin? 
April 2016 Periodontitis: a potential risk factor for Alzheimer's disease
March 2016 How to turn complaints into compliments
February 2016 Infection prevention and control in your practice
January 2016 Dental nurses and the scope of practice
November 2015 Posture in practice
October 2015 Making oral cancer screening a routine part of patient care: Part 2
September 2015 What's the #SugarRush?
July 2015 Patients with pacemakers
June 2015 Recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis
May 2015 Making oral cancer screening a routine part of your patient care - part 1
April 2015 Dental materials: the multi-stranded wire retainer
March 2015 How to dispose of hazardous waste
February 2015 CQC/disabled access
January 2015 Fire safety and awareness (medical emergencies)
December 2014 Dental materials
November 2014 Managing caries
October 2014 Radiography and radiation protection
September 2014 Skin cancer
August 2014 Medical emergencies
July 2014 Disinfection and decontamination/medical emergencies
June 2014 Bonding acrylic resin denture teeth
May 2014 Medical emergencies
April 2014 Disinfection and decontamination
March 2014 Radiography