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BDJ Team is an online publication for the whole dental team, offering a wide range of content and providing ten free hours of verifiable CPD a year to registered dental care professionals.


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    Have you written an article relevant to dental care professionals (DCPs) or the dental team? We would be delighted to consider your work for publication. Visit our 'For Authors' information page, updated for 2023.

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    Neurodiversity refers to the biological fact that brains are unique and have many different ways in how they process information and interact with environments. In 2023 BDJ Team has launched a new series of papers on embracing neurodiversity-informed dentistry. This collection also includes publications from 2015 to 2022 on neurodiversity in relation to oral health and dentistry.


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BDJ Team CPD 2023

This collection brings together all the articles published in BDJ Team in 2023 for which Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is available. Each article provides the opportunity for you to earn one hour of CPD - quizzes can be found on the BDA's CPD Hub and are available for free to all. In total, BDJ Team provides 10 hours of FREE CPD per year.
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