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The BDJ Clinicians' Guides series enables clinicians at all stages of their careers to remain well informed and up to date on key topics across all fields of dentistry. Ideal for undergraduates and the newly qualified, they also serve as a refresher for more experienced clinicians and are valued as excellent postgraduate texts too. Superbly illustrated, the Guides are written by recognised experts and provide common sense guidance and solutions to everyday problems. 

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Cone Beam CT in Dentistry
Suk Y Ng

​• A comprehensive introduction to CBCT
​• Describes the CBCT appearance of some common dental diseases
​• Includes a wealth of superb illustrations
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Oral Health and Dental Care in the Ageing Population
Edited by Mili Doshi and Andrew Geddis-Regan

• Covers all the important aspects of dental care for older people
• Describes the dental changes that occur with increasing age and their consequences for care
• Explains the impact of cognitive conditions on treatment
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Sustainable Dentistry
Making a Difference 
Edited by Brett Duane 

• Explores optimal oral health in a sustainable care setting
• Current information on responsible decontamination and waste management
• Discusses the reduction of environmental impacts in the dental practice
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Optimal Pain Management for the Dental Team
Edited by Tara Renton

• A concise guide to pain and anxiety management
• Discusses dentine sensitivity, hypersensitivity and cracked tooth syndrome
• A “must read” for the whole dental team
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Tooth Wear
Edited by Andrew Eder and Maurice Joseph Faigenblum

• Aids identification of causative factors
• Offers guidance on diagnosis and prevention
• Describes the full range of current treatment options
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A Guide to Good Occlusal Practice
Stephen John Davies

• Explains why guidelines of good occlusal practice differ in different disciplines
• Meets the needs of all who wish to deepen their understanding of occlusion
• Includes guidance on implantology
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Edited by Richard Palmer and Peter Floyd

• Fully updated edition including new periodontal guidelines
• Covers all the essentials including the pathology, diagnosis and treatment
• Written by leading experts in the field
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Paediatric Dentistry for the General Dental Practitioner
Edited by Sondos Albadri and Claire Lamorna Stevens

• Evidence-based guidance on the management of children and adolescents in practice
• Describes the diagnosis and treatment of common oral and dental problems
• Explains preventive strategies and behaviour management techniques
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Infection Control in Primary Dental Care
Martin Roger Fulford and Nikolai Ramsay Stankiewicz

• Offers clear guidance on every facet of infection control and decontamination
• Covers important aspects of the relevant basic science
• Meets the needs of all members of the dental team
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The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education
Ronnie Levine and Cathy Stillman-Lowe

• Provides a sound evidence base on the main aspects of oral health
• Uses a simple scheme to indicate the strength of the evidence in each condition
• New: A broad international consensus of dental expert opinion
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Extra-Coronal Restorations - Concepts and Clinical Application
Edited by R. Wassell, F. Nohl, J. Steele and A. Walls

• All aspects of contemporary materials, planning and provision of extra-coronal restorations
• Discusses the principles and evidence base relating to the restoration of teeth and implants
• Includes specific learning objectives and helpful clinical tips
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Fixed Orthodontic Appliances - A Practical Guide
Padhraig Fleming and Jadbinder Seehra

• Provides instruction on all aspects of xed appliance treatment
• Explains the pros and cons of different approaches
• Includes a wealth of superb illustrations
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General Medicine and Surgery for Dental Practitioners
Mark Greenwood and John G. Meechan

• A valuable overview of medical and surgical conditions in dental practice
• Addresses important aspects for specific patient groups (eg. the elderly and cancer patients)
• Describes impacts on treatment planning and guidance on drug interactions
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Oral Medicine in Primary Dental Care
Mike Lewis & Philip-John Lamey

• A clinical signs and symptoms approach to the diagnosis of oral and orofacial conditions
• Provides current information on patient management
• Includes a wealth of instructive clinical illustrations
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Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient
Edited by Saj Jivraj

• Explains the rationale and technique for the rehabilitation of fully edentulous patients
• Covers both traditional graftless concepts and zygomatic implant strategies
• Provides step-by-step techniques and offers guidance on management of complications
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