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The BDJ is the Number 1 Dentistry Journal

The BDJ is the leading dental journal in the UK and has been rated the #1 preferred and most-read/looked-at journal by dentists themselves*. Every member of the British Dental Association receives a print copy directly, which guarantees maximum coverage to your target audience.

Guaranteed Circulation

The BDJ circulation is independently audited by ABC. This guarantees that every issue of the BDJ provides you with a unique opportunity to promote your products and services in an authoritative, high-quality publication - ensuring that key members of dental teams who have responsibility for purchasing, recommending and prescribing your products and services see your ads!


The BDJ is published twice a month and delivered directly to 16,000+ dentists. Bonus distribution is made at leading industry events throughout the year. 

For more information, contact:

Display: Paul Darragh
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7014 4122

Classified: Classified Team
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7843 4729

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*BDIA Dental Media Readership Surveys 2004-2016


Many of our journals publish regular peer-reviewed supplementary issues to the main volume. Content will be in line with journal scope and may include: Original Articles, Reviews, Proceedings, Meeting Abstracts and Practice Guidelines. Although editorially independent, presentation and delivery can be tailored to company-specific needs and there are opportunities for bulk sponsor's copies for further distribution. Supplements provide a unique chance to reach potential customers in a way that will show that your organization has an interest in progressing research in the field.

Supplement sponsorship offers your organization the opportunity to be associated with high-quality, product-related research. Submit a proposal or e-mail for more information.