STAR LETTER: Down to earth dentist

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What a ghastly experience the dental nurse relates regarding the young female dentist with whom she works (Female dictatorships winter 06). It's regrettable but I believe every word of it. Hopefully, I have never been like that (my staff have been with me for 17 years) and I think my father's down to earth approach helped a lot. When I won the prize and distinction in pharmacology, my father handed me a mop and, in front of everyone said: ‘you are uniquely qualified to wash the floor of a chemist shop.’; Yes, take your job seriously, but not yourself.


On another note, I recently wrote the enclosed book which I would like you to have, as it gives some idea of dental training in the 1960s-70s.*

Cynthia wins Colgate Oral Health Professional products (£100 RRP) courtesy of Colgate.

*Editor's note: From budgie to rainbow is a lively account of Cynthia's career in dentistry – I enjoyed reading it! Priced £6.99, it is available from Amherst Publishing, Longmore House High Street, Otford, Kent TN14 5PG, Telephone 01959 525600.

‘I would read the obituaries in the Dental Journal and marvel at the three jobs, seven hobbies and six children descriptions of the unfortunates. I felt exhausted reading these and wondered how they had managed to live so long…’ (page 132)

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