Table 1: Baseline and follow-up sample characteristics

From: Blood transcriptomic biomarkers in adult primary care patients with major depressive disorder undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy

Subjects AgeCaucasian (%)PHQ-9 baselinePost-CBT PHQ-9
     Remitted (N=11)Non-remitted (N=16)
Patients at baseline (N=32)Female (N=22)48.9±16.117 (77%)18.8±4.1N=71.29 ±1.5N=1012.9 ±5.0
 Male (N=10)50.3±13.68 (80%)16.6±4.7N=44.3 ±1.0N=611.0 ±3.6
Controls at baseline (N=32)Female (N=22)48.5±15.617 (77%)0.2±0.5  
 Male (N=10)53.6±14.68 (80%)0.1±0.3  
Post-CBTRemitted (N =9)Non-remitted (N=13)
Patients with week 18 blood draw (N=22)Female (N=13)52.1±16.611 (85%)18.2±3.6N=51.00 ±1.0N=812.38 ±5.3
 Male (N=9)50.9±14.37 (78%)16.6±5.0N=44.25 ±1.0N=510.6 ±3.8
Post-CBTRemitted (N=2)Non-remitted (N=3)
Patients without week 18 blood draw (N=10)Female (N=9)44.3±15.16 (67%)19.6±4.9N=22.0N=215.0
 Male (N=1)45.01 (100%)17.0N=113.0
  1. Abbreviations: CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy; PHQ, Patient Health Questionnaire.