Figure 5 : Multiple sequence alignment.

From: Enzyme discovery beyond homology: a unique hydroxynitrile lyase in the Bet v1 superfamily

Figure 5

Isotig02775 and isotig02778 are proteins with similarity to DtHNL1 from the transcriptome of P. aquilinum leaves. Contig4149 was found in the transcriptome obtained from a P. aquilinum gametophyte36. Isotig04300 is the sequence most similar to isotig02775 and isotig02778, which was found in D. tyermannii. Isotig translation frame is indicated in brackets. Conservation % is indicated by a color code. Residues involved in substrate binding and catalysis are highlighted. Alignment was built with CLC Main Workbench 7.6.2 (QIAGEN). Proteins with unknown function were named as the relative isotig or contig number found in the transcriptome.