Figure 2 : The detection probability p(Ro) is plotted as a function of the observable radius Ro.

From: Signal coverage approach to the detection probability of hypothetical extraterrestrial emitters in the Milky Way

Figure 2

The calculations are done by using the emitter distribution function given in Eq. (6). Solid lines are the results for being proportional to the distribution of stars in the galactic thin disk, while the dashed lines are the results for an emitter distribution concentrated on an annular region of the disk comprised between ≈15 kly and ≈34 kly from the galactic center. Each pair of solid and dashed lines represents p(Ro) for the values of the mean shell thickness indicated in the figure. For , p(Ro) reduces to the probability π(Ro) (Eq. (3)) of finding an emitter within a radius Ro from the Earth.