Table 3: Individual treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs) during oral immunotherapy (OIT).

From: Safety and efficacy of short-term oral immunotherapy with Cry j 1-galactomannan conjugate for Japanese cedar pollinosis: a randomized controlled trial

 No.M/FAEsSeverity (grade)Days of OITDuration (days)
OIT group1MRhinorrheaGrade 101
2FDiarrheaGrade 151
3FAbdominal painGrade 100.5
  Abdominal painGrade 123
4FStomach painGrade 103
  BloatingGrade 161
  Stomach painGrade 1411
5FAbdominal discomfortGrade 1026
6FStomach painGrade 1252
Placebo1FWatering eyesGrade 101
2FOral dysesthesiaGrade 1136
  Abdominal painGrade 1346
3FChest discomfortGrade 100.1
  Laryngopharyngeal dysesthesiaGrade 100.04
4FLoose stoolsGrade 11746
5FAbdominal painGrade 1193
  1. AEs were graded according to Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Event (CTCAE) v4.0/MedDRA v12.0. M, male; F, female.