Table 2 Intestinal Microbiota (average reads) in Healthy Children and Those with Acute Gastroenteritis with or without Complications.

From: Intestinal microbiome in children with severe and complicated acute viral gastroenteritis

Fecal MicrobiotaAGE with complication (n = 15)AGE without complication (n = 5)Healthy children (n = 20)P-value
Porphyromonadaceae043.5625326.550.0346 a
Campylobacteraceae178.40.187500.0003 b
Desulfovibrionaceae005.10.0198 c
Neisseriaceae40.50.450.0115 b
Phyllobacteriaceae00.187500.0346 a
Methylobacteriaceae0.825.562500.0004 b
Sphingomonadaceae0.831.56250.20.0221 b
Enterobacteriaceae2676.41523.5804.70.0451 b
Pasteurellaceae70.225.68752.40.0071 d
Ruminococcaceae2253.4375220.80.0125 c
Streptococcaceae213.8801.3125166.750.0351 a
Carnobacteriaceae1.230.8750.20.0124 c
Veillonellaceae1385.6308.58590.0199 c
  1. aStatistically significant among 3 categories.
  2. bStatistically significant between AGE with complication and healthy children.
  3. cStatistically significant between AGE without complication and healthy children.
  4. dStatistically significant between AGE with and without complication.