Figure 5 : Odorant-evoked spH signals are accelerated by gonadectomy in males, but slowed by gonadectomy in females.

From: Differences in peripheral sensory input to the olfactory bulb between male and female mice

Figure 5

(A,B) BA-evoked spH signals compared between representative Sham-male (GNX11) and Gnx-male (GNX10) subjects (A) and also between representative Sham-female (GNX03) and Gnx-female (GNX16) subjects (B). The solid lines ± shaded regions represent the mean ± SEM fluorescent record across all BA-evoked glomerular responses per subject, and the Ns indicate the number of glomeruli that are contributing to each subject’s mean BA-evoked spH signal. (C) Mean ± SEM latency to onset of peak spH signal from sex × surgical treatment groups. (D) Cumulative probability plots showing the distributions of peak latency values pooled across individual fluorescent records. The Ns indicate the number of odorant-evoked spH signals pooled across odorants.