Table 2: Contingency tables comparing outcome frequencies on SBS2 and standard EEG.

From: Validation of a smartphone-based EEG among people with epilepsy: A prospective study

Outcome: Any abnormalities (epileptiform or non-epileptiform) detected vs. normal recording
  Standard EEG
SBS2 EEGAbnormal4220
Outcome: epileptiform discharges vs. no epileptiform discharges detected
  Standard EEG
EpileptiformNo epileptiform
SBS2 EEGEpileptiform208
No epileptiform31146
Outcome: non-epileptiform abnormalities vs. no non-epileptiform abnormalities detected
  Standard EEG
Non-epileptiform abnormalitiesNo non-epileptiform abnormalities
SBS2 EEGNon-epileptiform abnormalities2021
No non-epileptiform abnormalities35129