Table 1: Listing of the items in Three Domain Disgust Scale.

From: Individual Differences in Moral Disgust Do Not Predict Utilitarian Judgments, Sexual and Pathogen Disgust Do

Item numberItem ContentSub-scale
1Shoplifting a candy bar from a convenience storeM
2Hearing two strangers having sexS
3Stepping on dog poopP
4Stealing from a neighborM
5Performing oral sexS
6Sitting next to someone who has red sores on their armP
7A student cheating to get good gradesM
8Watching a pornographic videoS
9Shaking hands with a stranger who has sweaty palmsP
10Deceiving a friendM
11Finding out that someone you do not like has sexual fantasies about youS
12Seeing some mold on old leftovers in your refrigeratorP
13Forging someone’s signature on a legal documentM
14Bringing someone you just met back to your room to have sexS
15Standing close to a person who has body odorP
16Cutting to the front of a line to purchase the last few tickets to a showM
17A stranger of the opposite sex intentionally rubbing your thigh in an elevatorS
18Seeing a cockroach run across the floorP
19Intentionally lying during a business transactionM
20Having anal sex with someone of the opposite sexS
21Accidentally touching a person’s bloody cutP
Notes: Three Domain Disgust Scale (see ref. 24 for original publication); M: Moral Disgust; S: Sexual Disgust; P: Pathogen Disgust