Table 3: Accuracy assessment for model-generated individual YOY and adult prediction polygons.

From: Automated detection and enumeration of marine wildlife using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and thermal imagery

ResultDescriptionHay IslandProportionSaddle (Simple)ProportionSaddle (Complex)Proportion
YOY Prediction Accuracy
 True PositiveNA13290.8045660.8715150.870
 False PositiveConfused with Adult1050.064330.051300.051
 False PositiveConfused with Juvenile Aggregation480.02930.00530.005
 False PositiveConfused with Adult and Juvenile Pair00.00030.00530.005
 False PositiveNot Detected by Humans1700.103430.066410.069
Human-Identified Juveniles Not Detected By Model21539
Adult Prediction Accuracy
 True PositiveNA4360.8131990.8092020.669
 False PositiveConfused with Juvenile680.127230.093750.248
 False PositiveConfused with Juvenile Aggregation260.04990.03790.030
 False PositiveConfused with Adult and Juvenile Pair60.011130.053130.043
 False PositiveNot Detected by Humans00.00020.00830.010
Human-Identified Adults Not Detected By Model112
  1. Model estimates were assessed against human-identified ITag counts, so that “true positives” indicate prediction polygons that overlap with matching ITag points.