Figure 1 : PML silencing is associated with decreased DDIT4 expression.

From: PML nuclear bodies contribute to the basal expression of the mTOR inhibitor DDIT4

Figure 1

(A) Western blot analysis of PML and DDIT4 protein expression in U2OS and NHDF cells expressing control shRNA targeting luciferase (shCtrl-Luc), non-targeting shRNA (shCtrl-NT) or shRNA targeting PML (shPML A, shPML B). (B) Relative protein expression in shPML cells from Western blots described in A. Values represent the mean+/−SEM. p-values < 0.01 (**) or < 0.05 (*). (C) Western blot analysis for S6 and phospho(Ser235/236) S6 levels in shCtrl-Luc (shControl) and shPML A (shPML) U2OS cells. Full-length blots for this figure are presented in Supplementary Figure 3.