Figure 4 : Yijenplatycnemis huangi gen. et sp. nov.

From: Extreme adaptations for probable visual courtship behaviour in a Cretaceous dancing damselfly

Figure 4

Paratype (BA16200); line drawing showing venation of left forewing (A) and hindwing (B) (drawn by DZ). Abbreviations: AA, anterior anal; Arc, arculus; Ax, primary antenodal crossvein; Cr, nodal crossvein; CuA, cubitus anterior; CuP, cubitus posterior; DC, discoidal cell; IR, intercalary radial vein; MA, median anterior; MP, median posterior; N, nodus; Pt, pterostigma; RA, radius anterior; RP, radius posterior; ScP, subcosta posterior; Sn, subnodal crossvein.