Figure 3 : Deep-brain imaging of microglial cells inside the whole mouse brain using CCM.

From: Deep-brain imaging via epi-fluorescence Computational Cannula Microscopy

Figure 3

(a) Photograph of sample with embedded cannula. CCM images at 5 different locations and depths of (b) 0.6 mm, (c) 0.8 mm, (d) 1.5 mm, (e) 1.5 mm, and (f) 1.8 mm. (g) Images from a different sample (fixed mildly) at depths of (g)1.5 mm, (h)1.7 mm and (i)2 mm. The 3 images (gi) are taken from the same XY location but at different depths. Arrows in (b) and (e) indicates measured width of cellular features showing ~3.8 μm, close to the measured resolution shown in Fig. 1(d). Two photon images of Hoxb8 microglia cells acquired from the same brain (jl) images were taken. Similar morphology of cells is observed in images captured by both techniques. Animation of the 3D images are included in Supplementary data.