Figure 4 : Detection of masked endotoxin.

From: Biological Activity of Masked Endotoxin

Figure 4

To investigate and reproduce the phenomenon of LER, three different masking-buffers (citrate/Tween-20, citrate/BSA and citrate/Triton X-100) were spiked with known amounts of LPS, and different LPS-detection assays were performed. LPS in H2O was used as a control. The LAL-assay (a), EndoZyme-assay (b) and TLR4-NF-κB-luciferase reporter gene assay (c) were performed. The reporter gene assay was conducted as described in Fig. 3, and cells were stimulated as indicated. Mean values and SD of three (a,b) or four (c) independent experiments are shown. For statistical analysis within each group, ANOVA with a Dunnett’s post-test was performed. For comparisons between different groups, ANOVA with a Tukey post-test was performed. p values shown represent the calculated difference to the corresponding concentration of LPS in H2O. *p ≤ 0.05; **p ≤ 0.01; ***p ≤ 0.001. The dotted lines indicate the range of the assays.