Figure 3 : Subcellular Distribution of Histidine in Mammalian Cells.

From: A genetically encoded toolkit for tracking live-cell histidine dynamics in space and time

Figure 3

(a) Fluorescence images of FHisJ sensor targeted to cytosol (top) and mitochondria (bottom). Scale bar, 10 μm. (b) Normalized ratio of FHisJ and FHisJ-Mit fluorescence excited at 485 nm to that at 420 nm in glucose-deprived or glucose-fed cells and measured in vitro with a fluorescence plate reader in the presence or absence of 1 mM histidine. Cells were deprived of glucose for 2 h. Error bars represent SD. (c) Quantification of cytosolic and mitochondrial free-histidine level in glucose-deprived or glucose-fed cells according to the FHisJ and FHisJ-Mit fluorescence data in Fig. 3b. *p < 0.05, and ***p < 0.001. For (b and c), data are presented three biological replicates, and error bars represent SD.