Figure 4 : Estimation of CRC incidence in Spain by sex, age (years), and risk score.

From: Risk Model for Colorectal Cancer in Spanish Population Using Environmental and Genetic Factors: Results from the MCC-Spain study

Figure 4

Color lines indicate age-specific cumulative risk rates of CRC per 100 individuals in Spain according to sex and risk score (RS), for a selection of values. The cumulative risk curve for the average individual corresponds to RS = 1. The risk score can be calculated as RS = 1.36(ERS-3) * 2.25FH * 1.07(GRS-22), where ERS is the number of environmental risk factors (average 3 in the population), FH is the presence of family history of CRC (0 = no, 1 = yes), and GRS is the number of risk alleles (average 22 in the population).