Figure 1: Main results of the reported study. | Scientific Reports

Figure 1: Main results of the reported study.

From: Fandom Biases Retrospective Judgments Not Perception

Figure 1

(a) PANAS scores before the game, in the half-time break, as well as in the immediate and delayed test. (b) Subjective recollection of the proportion that each team contributed to the game as a function of fandom. (c) Gaze coherence (NSS) across the first half-time for BVB fans (top)/FCB fans (bottom) calculated based on either the same fan group or opposing fan group as reference group. The figure shows the lowess smoother lines (smoother span: 0.001) of the raw NSS values in 40 ms steps. The overlap of both lines indicates that participants’ gaze was equally coherent with the same fan group and opposing fan group, thus indicating that fandom did not bias gaze behavior. (d) Participants’ performance and confidence ratings in the memory test. All error bars represent the standard error of the mean (SEM).

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