Figure 8 : STAT6 and STAT6 binding to MUC5AC promoter during OVA-induced airway inflammation in mice.

From: Lyn regulates mucus secretion and MUC5AC via the STAT6 signaling pathway during allergic airway inflammation

Figure 8

(A) Western blot analysis of Lyn, STAT6, phosphorylated STAT6 and phosphorylated Lyn in OVA-exposed Lyntg and WT mice. Relative density of STAT6 and phosphorylated STAT6 in lung tissue. (B) ChIP assays for STAT6 binding to the muc5ac promoter region in the lungs of OVA-challenged mice. Cross-linked chromatin was isolated and fragmented to 200–1000 bp. Anti-STAT6 Ab or control IgG was used to precipitate the DNA fragments bound to STAT6 or nonspecific proteins. The precipitation of the protein and DNA was measured by RT-PCR analysis with primers targeting the MUC5AC promoter regions. (C) Relative density of ChIP DNA/input control (in (B)) in lung tissue. (D) Diagram showing the cell signaling pathway associated with Lyn kinase.