Figure 4 : For the real dataset, MedianCD and SVCD normalization allowed to detect variation in gene expression of smaller magnitude than with Median and Quantile normalization.

From: Variation-preserving normalization unveils blind spots in gene expression profiling

Figure 4

Boxplots display absolute values of DEG fold changes, for each treatment compared to the corresponding control, obtained after Median normalization (a), Quantile normalization (b), MedianCD normalization (c), and SVCD normalization (d). Boxplots are colored by treatment, with the same color code as in Fig. 1. All panels have the same order of treatments as in Fig. 3a, i.e. in increasing number of DEGs identified with SVCD normalization (Supplementary Table 2). Dashed horizontal lines indicate references of 1.5-fold and 2-fold changes.