Table 1: Parameters and boundary conditions input to the computational models.

From: Allometric scaling in-vitro

Construct radiusR31–5000 μmFrom cell monolayers to 5 mm thick spheroids or tissue constructs.24
Initial and boundary oxygen concentrationco0.2–0.03 moles/m3 or mMBoundary conditions at the surface of the construct: implies media is well-mixed and continuously renewed at the surface.25
Single cell CMR 4.8 × 10−17 moles/(cell.s)Typical value for hepatocytes in-vitro.20,24
Cell densityρ5.14 × 1014 −5.14 × 1012 cells/m3From physiological cell density to typical in-vitro density (5 million cells/mL).37
Michaeles Menten constantkm7.39 × 10−3 moles/m3Typical value for hepatocytes.24
Oxygen diffusion constantD3 × 10−9 m2/sDiffusion constant in water at 37 °C.24
Reaction rate Michaelis Menten consumption. 
Stationary conditions