Figure 4 : Identifying a working window for physiological scaling.

From: Allometric scaling in-vitro

Figure 4

(A) Fraction of construct volume at c < km versus construct radius showing the working window for quarter power scaling between the dashed lines. (B) Thiele modulus (from Eq. 7) versus radius. The quarter power window lies between the dashed lines. (C) Concentration gradient in 521 μm radius (≈0.6 mg) spheres with different values of cell density and ambient oxygen showing ϕ2 for each case. For this construct size, quarter power scaling was observed only for ρfis at physiological and atmospheric oxygen (i.e. ϕ2 = 11 and 28). In all cases- red diamonds (): physiological cell density (ρfis) at physiological ambient oxygen concentrations; green asterisks (*): ρfis in ambient atmospheric oxygen; blue circles (o): ρfis/10 at atmospheric O2; cyan triangles (Δ): ρfis/100 with O2 = 0.03 moles/m3; black pluses (+): ρfis/100 with atmospheric O2 (0.2 moles/m3).