Table 1: Male-Female Stimulus Contrasts in Heterosexual and Homosexual Men.

From: Neural Correlates of Sexual Orientation in Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual Men

 Heterosexual MenHomosexual Ment (df)Cohen’s d
Subjective Ratings: PicturesMean: −1.141 SD: 0.381Mean: 1.317 SD: 0.30423.863** (43)−9.095
Subjective Ratings: VideosMean: −1.219 SD: 0.359Mean: 1.450 SD: 0.38524.010** (43)−7.170
VS Activity: PicturesMean: −0.715 SD: 0.665Mean: 1.100 SD: 0.6929.067** (44)−2.674
VS Activity: VideosMean: −0.341 SD: 1.210Mean: 0.767 SD: 0.5614.040** (44)−1.175
  1. Male-female stimulus difference scores by sexual orientation of monosexual participants for both standardized subjective ratings and standardized VS activations. Positive difference scores indicate subjective ratings or VS activation greater toward male stimuli. df = degrees of freedom. SD = Standard deviation. **Significant at p < 0.001.