Figure 5 : Alanine-scanning analysis of the immunodominance against #OLP-162.

From: Proteoliposomal formulations of an HIV-1 gp41-based miniprotein elicit a lipid-dependent immunodominant response overlapping the 2F5 binding motif

Figure 5

(a) 29 mice sera displaying the highest signals against OLP#162 peptide were tested for binding against a collection of OLP#162-alanine mutants. Values indicate the binding percentage relative to the wild type peptide signal. 2F5 profile is also included. Color code is indicated. (b) Percentage of residual binding (mean+/− SD) for each alanine mutant peptide is shown. Immunodominant residues (<50% residual binding) are highlighted in red in both panels. HXB2 numbering of Q653 and W666 residues is indicated in grey.