Figure 4 : Mapping of humoral response against gp41-overlapping peptides.

From: Proteoliposomal formulations of an HIV-1 gp41-based miniprotein elicit a lipid-dependent immunodominant response overlapping the 2F5 binding motif

Figure 4

(a) 15-mer overlapping peptide collection covering the HR2 (OLP peptides #155–161) and the MPER (OLP peptides #162–166) used for mapping. (b) OD values of the indicated immunized mice sera (60-fold dilution) against OLP peptides in ELISA. 2F5 binding is also indicated. Color code is shown. (c) For each animal the peptide yielding the strongest signal was assigned 100%. Bar diagram shows the percentage of signal of each peptide in all animals (mean+/− SD), highlighting the immunodominance of the #162 peptide sequence. (d) Spearman’s correlation of #162 binding signals and gp41-Min titer of immunized mice sera. Data are representative of two independent experiments. Spearman’s correlation coefficient and p value are indicated.