Figure 3 : Effect of lipid composition on anti-gp41 IgG response.

From: Proteoliposomal formulations of an HIV-1 gp41-based miniprotein elicit a lipid-dependent immunodominant response overlapping the 2F5 binding motif

Figure 3

(a) Summary of anti-gp41-Min specific IgG titers, at sacrifice day, of C57 BL/6 mice immunized with gp41-MinTT proteoliposomes of simple (blue), complex (green) and complex incorporating MPLA (red) compositions. Data from animals immunized with control liposomes (black) and soluble gp41-MinTT protein (grey) are included. (b) Correlation of IgG titers, at sacrifice, against gp41-MinTT and gp41-Min antigens of mice immunized with gp41-MinTT as recombinant protein or formulated in proteoliposomes. (c) Influence of lipid mixtures over gp41-MinTT immunogenicity. Gp41-IgG titer at sacrifice day is shown. (d) Evolution of the gp41-Min IgG response of animals immunized with gp41-MinTT proteoliposomes based on POPC (upper left); POPC and GM3 (upper right); POPC and PS (down left); POPC combined with GM3 and PS (down right) in a simple, complex or complex with MPLA composition (blue, green and red lines respectively). Asterisks indicate immunization time points. In all panels, IgG titer is displayed as ng/mL referred to the D50 antibody, which was used as standard. Data show the median and interquartile range of at least two independent determinations. In panels (a) and (c), ***, ** and * denote p < 0.0001, p < 0.001 and p < 0.01 respectively. ns, not significant.