Figure 1: The spiking stereo network. | Scientific Reports

Figure 1: The spiking stereo network.

From: A spiking neural network model of 3D perception for event-based neuromorphic stereo vision systems

Figure 1

Detailed view of a horizontal layer of the network. An object is sensed by two eyes and accordingly projected onto their retinal cells. The spiking output of these cells is spatio-temporally correlated (coincidence detectors) and integrated (disparity detectors). The final output encodes a representation of the original scene in disparity space (x, y, d). For the sake of visibility, only a horizontal line of retinal cells, at fixed vertical cyclopean position y, is considered. The corresponding coincidence and disparity detector units, hence, lie within a horizontal plane (spanned by x and d). Only a few units are shown here whereas in the complete network, the units are uniformly distributed over the entire plane. The shaded planes indicate how the network expands vertically over y. More details on how the neurons are connected among each other is provided in the Methods section.

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