Figure 2 : Sequence repeats within exon 4 of apolipoprotein E.

From: Identification of a Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 Recognition Motif in the Apolipoprotein E Variant APOE4 linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Figure 2

Sequence shown starts with the first nucleotide of exon 4 (ENSE00000893954). Rs429358, rs7412 and rs199768005 are indicated by bold lowercase letter. For rs429358 the APOE4 nucleotide (C) is shown. For rs7412 the APOE3 nucleotide is shown (C). For rs199768005 the Val variant (T) is shown. Elements of high similarity with APOE4 motif (≥63% matches within 24 nucleotide motif with no gaps) are indicated by boxes, common nucleotides are shaded in grey. The dashed line box indicates the 5′ end of two overlapping APOE4 motifs.