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Figure 4

From: The presence of Anf/Hesx1 homeobox gene in lampreys suggests that it could play an important role in emergence of telencephalon

Figure 4

Lanf is responsible for the suppression of Otx2 in the anterior neural plate and for the induction of FoxG1 expression in this region.

(a–d) In the control (a), the expression of Otx2 is suppressed (arrow) in the anterior neural plate (100%, n = 35), but it is strongly activated (arrow) when Lanf is downregulated with an anti-sense MO targeting Lanf mRNA (70%, n = 50) (b) In contrast, it appears to be more broadly suppressed (arrow) if Lanf mRNA is overexpressed (76%, n = 55) (d) compared with the control EGFP mRNA overexpression (97%, n = 37). Anterior is at the top; dorsal is to the left. (e–h) An effect opposite that caused by Lanf upon Otx2 expression is observed in the case of FoxG1 expression (arrow) (100%, n = 30; 65%, n = 40; 95%, n = 42 and 70%, n = 45, respectively). Anterior is to the right; dorsal is at the top (see Materials and Methods).

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