Figure 5 : Light stimulates T-cell motility.

From: Intrinsic Photosensitivity Enhances Motility of T Lymphocytes

Figure 5

(a) Blue-light enhanced random motility in a mouse CD8+ T cell. Plot of cell shape and trajectory for 4 minutes before and after irradiation (100 s, 120 mJ cm−2). The first and last cell images/positions are shown as blue and red respectively. (b and c) Blue light (120 mJ cm−2) increased T cell mean velocity and peak surface area (n = 5, *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01). (d and e) Light or exogenous H202 increased chemotaxis (2 hr) of Jurkat T cells, but not Lck-null cells, to SDF-1α. Note that cells were irradiated in (d) with broad spectrum or in (e) with blue light (600 mJ cm−2). Data are the mean of 3–4 experiments. (f) Abscorbic acid (A.A., 10 mM) and PP2 (2 μM) inhibit blue-light stimulation of chemotaxis in Jurkat cells (n = 3–4).