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Figure 5

From: A quantitative comparison of micro-CT preparations in Dipteran flies

Figure 5

A quantitative and qualitative comparison of the 5 preparation methods after 5 days of staining.

(a) A comparison of the day 7 probabilistic tissue contrast (PTC) and the background across the 5 preparation methods for each of the five tissue types. Labels along the x-axis show the abbreviations for the staining regime. The y-axis shows the log likelihood of misclassification for each tissue type i.e. its PTC. As a rough guide, 10−3 is the level at which automatic thresholding becomes possible, as indicated with a dotted line. Subfigures (a) and (b) have been arranged such that the larger the bar, the better the contrast for the respective tissue type. (b) A comparison of the day 7 probabilistic tissue contrast for each tissue and all other tissue types. For simplicity, the two muscle types and the two cuticle types have been combined. (cf) show horizontal slices of ETH-PTA (c), PFA-PTA (d), ETH-Lugol (e), PFA-Iodine (f) at approximately the same depth and orientation. The slice for ETH-Iodine exhibits similarly poor contrast to that of PFA-Iodine and is omitted for brevity.

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