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Figure 4

From: A quantitative comparison of micro-CT preparations in Dipteran flies

Figure 4

3D semi-automatic segmentation examples.

(1) The right dorsoventral flight muscle (large muscle tissue type), segmented by thresholding out the lower background values, and rendered in 3D using Mimics (v14.0, Materialise NV, Leuven, Belgium). (2) A pair of small neck muscles, the oblique horizontal pair, as described by Strausfeld, 1987. The resulting volume measurements of these are halved to get the volume of a single muscle. (3) A portion of thick cuticle, the pronotal apodeme. Located inside the head, it serves as an attachment point for a number of neck muscles/tendons. (4) A sheath of thin cuticle which forms a covering over a group of neck muscles. (5) Seven neuropils with surrounding neural tissue and axons extending from the region. (15) Shows all 5 tissues with their relative sizes and orientations. The scale bar applies only to this sub-image.

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