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Figure 4

From: Targeting bacterial adherence inhibits multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection following burn injury

Figure 4

Angiogenesis and wound closure are unaffected by treatment with GST-MAM7 beads.

(A) H&E-stained skin tissue sampled post-mortem (6 d.p.i.) depicting normal skin (left section), burned skin with eschar (middle section), and burned skin with excised eschar (right section). Boxed area highlights region that was used to analyze vascularization in the following samples: (B) burned skin only, (C) burned skin with GST-beads, (D) burned skin with GST-MAM7-beads, (E) burned skin with GST-beads + P. aeruginosa, and (F) burned skin with GST-MAM7-beads + P. aeruginosa. Arrows point to blood vessels. Scale bar equals to 1000 μm in (A) and 100 μm in (B–F). (G) Analysis of excision closure from excised, uninfected animals.

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