Figure 4 : Screenshots of our custom Windows Phone application for uploading images of well plates and displaying processed results.

From: High-throughput and automated diagnosis of antimicrobial resistance using a cost-effective cellphone-based micro-plate reader

Figure 4

(a) From the main menu, users can submit a new test or review previously submitted tests. (b) After starting a new test, users select and upload three DNG format images of the 96-well plate captured at 3 different exposures. (c) Users next select the type of plate to be processed and choose the microbe to-be-tested. A search bar facilitates the selection process, after which users select the specific microbe. Clicking the “submit” button sends the plate type, microbe, and images to a local or remote server for processing. (d) Processed results can be reviewed through a history listing based off the time of upload and plate type. (e,f) Plate analysis returns the minimum inhibitory concentration and the corresponding drug susceptibility diagnosis for the specified plate type in a scrollable table. The turbidity detection for each well can also be viewed in a colored table, with red rectangles indicating no turbidity and green-yellow ovals indicating wells with turbidity.