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Figure 2

From: New cell motility model observed in parasitic cnidarian Sphaerospora molnari (Myxozoa:Myxosporea) blood stages in fish

Figure 2

Sphaerospora molnari blood stages observed by transmission electron microscopy.

(a) Primary cell with one secondary (S) and one tertiary cell showing multiple membrane folds all over the cell surface; (b,c) Division by cell budding of secondary cell (S1) simultaneous with envolvement by another secondary cell (S2), a single membrane fold on the cell surface; (c) Closer view of cell intersection of (b); (d) Cell filled with ribosomes, actin bundles at the boundary of the primary cell, box indicates view of (e); (e) Closer view of area with actin bundles, also shows dividing mitochondrion. Box indicates view of (f) where actin bundles are present; (fg) Actin bundles seen at the periphery of the primary cell indicated by arrows. Scales (a,b) = 1 μm; (c) = 500 nm; (d) = 2 μm, (e) = 1 μm, (g) = 500 nm.

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