Figure 2 : CD59 triggers a collapse of the ILY prepore.

From: Disentangling the roles of cholesterol and CD59 in intermedilysin pore formation

Figure 2

(a) Schematic of ILY structural transitions. ILY colored by domains (D1, blue; D2, yellow; D3, green; D4, red) and CD59 in purple. Top panel denotes the ILYTI-CD59 crystal structure (PDB ID: 4BIK)19. Bottom panel illustrates a model for the complex after collapse. (be) AFM images (top panel) and corresponding height data (bottom panel) for ILY-CD59 complexes on supported lipid bilayers. Height data is plotted as a histogram of the z measurements for each pixel in the image, with the inset showing a cross-section of the area highlighted by the blue dotted line. All bilayers contain cholesterol unless otherwise indicated by –Chol. Color scale, 15 nm. (b) cytoCD59 on a supported lipid bilayer. (c) ILYTI bound to a cytoCD59-decorated bilayer. (d) wildtype ILY bound a to cytoCD59-decorated bilayer. (e) Wildtype ILY bound to a cytoCD59-decorated bilayer lacking cholesterol.