Figure 6 : Histograms of bleaching-level thermal stress events, 1985–2012.

From: Warming Trends and Bleaching Stress of the World’s Coral Reefs 1985–2012

Figure 6

Bleaching-level stress is defined as DHW ≥4 °C-weeks; plots refer to the % of reef pixels. The 28-year study period is divided into four 7-year periods in the histograms on the right (light grey), which show the average percentage of reef pixels affected by bleaching-level thermal stress across each period. The dark grey shade in the histograms show the average percentage of reef projected to experience bleaching-level thermal stress events under emissions scenario RCP8.5 for the 7-year periods centered on 2030 and 2050, following methods in van Hooidonk et al. 2014. Whiskers in the histogram are one standard deviation. Reef regions are as per Burke et al. 2011 (MID = Middle East, IND = Indian Ocean, SEA = Southeast Asia, AUS = Australia, PAC = Pacific Ocean and ATL = Atlantic Ocean). Data are provided for each histogram in Tables S7a,b.