Figure 4 : Scatterplot comparing annual SST and three-month warm-season trends globally and by reef region.

From: Warming Trends and Bleaching Stress of the World’s Coral Reefs 1985–2012

Figure 4

Line of unity (solid) and ±0.1 °C/decade about this (dashed) are shown. Dashed lines approximate one SD of the by-pixel difference between the trends (0.11 °C/decade). Histograms show the distribution of annual SST minus warm-season trends; the solid line (at zero) corresponding to the scatterplot line of unity. Reef regions are as per Burke et al. 2011 (MID = Middle East, IND = Indian Ocean, SEA = Southeast Asia, AUS = Australia, PAC = Pacific Ocean and ATL = Atlantic Ocean). Data are provided for each histogram in Table S4.