Figure 3 : Schemes illustrating the possible effect of the AC field on the spatial reorientation of the nanorods, in comparison with the case of chains of spherical particles.

From: In-situ particles reorientation during magnetic hyperthermia application: Shape matters twice

Figure 3

Thus (A and B) correspond to the case when both systems are distributed at random (see that the M(H) hysteresis loops are angle-independent); (C and D) illustrate the reorientation of both chains and nanorods along the field, while (E) corresponds to the perpendicular reorientation of the nanorods. Also the effect of AC-treatment duration is illustrated in this case, with a progressive narrowing of the M(H) loops in the parallel direction with larger time. The cones stand for the collinearity-characterization angle Ω that it is defined with respect to the long axis of the nanorods in either case (parallel and orthogonal).