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Figure 4

From: Methylmercury induces the expression of TNF-α selectively in the brain of mice

Figure 4

Involvement of NF-κB in the induction of TNF-α expression by methylmercury in mouse neural stem cells.

(A) Effect of methylmercury on nuclear translocation of p65, a subunit of NF-κB, in mouse neural stem cells. C17.2 cells (4 × 105 cells/2 mL) were treated with 10 μM MeHg for the indicated times. Levels of p65 in nuclear and post-nuclear fractions were monitored by immunoblotting. Lamin A/C and GAPDH were used as nuclear and post-nuclear markers, respectively. (B) Effect of Bay11-7082, an inhibitor of NF-κB, on the induction of TNF-α expression by methylmercury. C17.2 cells (4 × 105 cells/2 mL) were pretreated, or not treated, with 5 μM Bay11-7082, which was dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide, before the cells were exposed 2 hr later to 10 μM MeHg. TNF-α mRNA levels were measured by qPCR. Data represent the mean ± S.D. of three replicates.

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