Table 1 Timings, distances and speed of total migration and non-stop flights by Icelandic whimbrels that flew direct to the winter grounds (all birds in Autumn) and that made a stop-over (Male 2 and Female 2) or a direct flight (Male 1 and Female 1) in the return migration (Spring).

From: Very rapid long-distance sea crossing by a migratory bird

Male 1Male 2Female 1Female 2Male 1Male 2Female 1Female 2
Onset of migration (departure)03-Aug06-Aug06-Aug03-Aug20-Apr22-Apr29-Apr23-Apr
End of migration (arrival)07-Aug10-Aug10-Aug07-Aug25-Apr10-May04-May14-May
Total duration (d)5555619622
Stopover time (d)0000011015
Total migration distance (km)54255171389855355555536438655560
Total duration (h)107.8107.978.9120.0121.2444.1127.3540.6
Total migration speed (km h−1)50.3147.9449.3846.1445.8312.0830.3710.29
Non-stop flights (over ground speed)
 Max speed (m s−1)24.1818.6017.9321.9119.7121.2913.4518.19
 Min speed (m s−1)5.759.895.665.363.572.193.084.79
 Average (m s−1)15.5514.3813.3214.3513.878.249.099.63